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HFM is a building efficiency company based in Australia with offices in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Ballina. We make buildings more efficient, healthier and cheaper to run.


Mechanical Design

A trusted partner for your mechanical and electrical design projects. HFM knows your building and asset and can design your upgrade, replacement or new requirement

Facility Management

Traditional Facility Management or Facility Support, powered by the team of engineering consultants at HFM

Water Auditing

Our experienced auditors will monitor water usage and procure a water efficiency management plan to help you reduce future water costs

NABERS Ratings

A national rating system to determine the environmental performance of Australian buildings, tenancies, and homes.

Renewable Energy Feasibility

Don’t be fooled by the sales pitch and the made up ROI numbers. HFM will ensure quality designed and installed renewable strategies

Project Management

Our newly formed PM team will manage your project of any size or scale including mechanical, electrical, lighting, renewables, refurbishments, defects and upgrades


iRequest is an efficient and automated asset management software. The software offers inductions and incident reporting, project management, document storage and more


Grasp the power of your data. Visualise it, manipulate it, trend and report it. Engage with your tenants or co-workers to reduce energy and improve efficiency

I have worked with Ian, Damien and Matt and their staff at HFM for at least the last ten years. They remain my first port of call for matters related to all things energy including electricity procurement, NABERS ratings and advice and importantly lifecycle costing for commercial property assets… read more!

Scott Collinson

Property and Asset Manager Hardie Finance Corporation Pty. Ltd.

I have worked with HFM for the last 3 ½ years and have found their service exceptional over that time. We engaged HFM to monitor our buildings efficiency via their TMAR reporting and advise on any issues and potential improvements to enhance NABERS ratings and tenant satisfaction… read more!

Nic Lumsden

Property Manager Charter Hall

Primewest has utilised the services of HFM over the past six years to ensure NABERS and CBD compliance across our portfolio; review, assess and provide advice on plant lifecycle management; tender and negotiate our energy and water contracts, and provide valuable ongoing technical support in relation to our assets… read more!

Adam O’Donoghue

Head of Asset Management Primewest


Who We Are

We are not your typical engineering company!

HFM Asset Management is a building efficiency company. We provide engineering services and products to reduce energy and water consumption; cost; risk; and environmental impact. HFM protects assets and their owners from the various performance related issues that can eventuate as the result of multiple levels of designers, engineers, builders and operators who all have their impact on the building.

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Building Efficiency +95%

Power Optimisation +85%

Water Optimisation +65%

Property Savings +70%

Meet the Senior Team

Ian Knox - HFM Building Efficiency Team

Managing Director

Alex Sejournee - HFM Building Efficiency Team

Senior Consultant

Bevan Tyler - HFM Building Efficiency Team

General Manager

Lia Steeger - HFM Building Efficiency Team

Head of Finance

David Chokolich - HFM Building Efficiency Team

General Manager, Technical Services

Do you need a BEEC?

From the 1st July 2017, the area threshold for the CBD program is lowering from 2000 square meters to 1000 square meters. Under the changes, a NABERS rating and TLA will be required for any office space of 1000 square meters or more when offered for sale or lease.


HFM currently has the most certified NABERS assessors in Western Australia. We complete 70% of NABERS ratings and BEEC assessments in the WA market. Below are just half of our certified assessors.

HFM Asset Management - NABERS assessor

Accredited Assessor

HFM Asset Management - NABERS assessor

Accredited Assessor

Laura Prada, building efficiency professional at HFM Asset Management

Accredited Assessor

HFM Asset Management - NABERS assessor

Accredited Assessor

HFM Asset Management - NABERS assessor

Accredited Assessor

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