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Yardstick: a tool for Energy management

  • by HFM Asset Management
  • Jun 20, 2017


HFM Asset Management


Pronounced ˈjɑːdstɪk/


a measuring rod a yard long, typically divided into inches. a standard used for comparison.

For some time now HFM Asset Management has measured with our trusty Yardstick reporting platform, commercial properties, retail shopping complexes, large and small hospitality operations along with industrial facilities, aged care and residential retirement complexes.

By comparing one property or a portfolio against itself year on year, you will obtain a true measurement of its performance. High performers take that to the next level and look to establish a measure against their peers

Why not line yourself up against the Yardstick and see if you are a high performer, meeting the average or under- performing?

When you engage with our Yardstick reporting platform each month, a comprehensive report will be issued to the landlord’s representative containing data on the performance of the entire building. The usual scope of works is as follows:

  • Process monthly data from:
    • Retailer
    • Western Power
    • Meter reading entity
    • Sub-meter AMR system (if available).
    • BMS analysis
    • Manual readings on site
  • Produce a monthly tracking and monitoring report including:
    • Standard Report (general energy & water use)
    • Premium Report includes: Indicative NABERS Energy and Water Tracking & Base Building Performance Summary
    • Commentary and reviews on performance for the previous periods and annual updates
    • Detailed technical analysis of services based on available analysis tools
    • Recommendations for improved performance

With our premium energy management plans we provide liaison with the major operational stakeholders to review the report findings and implement rectification measures in the event of performance issues.

Along with the above services HFM provides technical support to owners and building management to resolve issues identified and provide solutions. HFM technicians are available to assist with contractors, attend site or project manage upgrades.

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