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Residential Strata

Residential Strata

Whether you are a building owner, a strata manager, an owner or a buyer, HFM’s solutions provide insights and professional guidance to residential buildings, to help them become more efficient.

Our services benefit everyone involved.

Residential & Strata Key Benefits

Strata Managers

  • Guidance and engineering advisory on technical matters
  • Tailored solutions to improve the performance of the building
  • Problem-solving assistance
  • Easier communication between residents, tenants, contractors, maintenance personnel, building managers and building owners

Apartment Owners/Buyers

  • Compare the utilities-related behaviour of the site against similar buildings
  • The best utilities rates in the market
  • Safer and cheaper to run buildings
  • Keep Strata Levy costs down
  • Compliance with standard requirements
  • Clear understanding of where the money of Strata Levy costs is going
  • Reduce risks related to maintenance
  • Tools to improve the communication between residents, tenants, contractors, etc.

Building Owners

  • Obtain impartial review of your assets
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Improve building’s performance
  • Sustainability opportunities
  • Attract more buyers

Key Solutions

NABERS for Apartment Buildings

The NABERS for Apartment Buildings tool represents an advantage for the residential sector; helping buyers and owners become aware of the sustainability performance of an apartment building even before they invest.

Strata Compliance Services

  • Reserve Fund Forecasting
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Sustainability
  • Financial Management

Utilities Procurement

Save money on your strata levies related to common areas utilities. We’ll help your site find the best available price in the market, with an impartial guidance that seeks the site’s benefit.

Unlike other companies, our fee is standard and not based on a percentage of the site’s savings, so there are real savings for our clients.


myBuildings is a web-based efficiency solution that works for your business. Streamlining the management of operational and maintenance requests leads to increased client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Facility Support

Receive office based technical support with scheduled site visits (Weekly, fortnightly), dependent on your requirements.

Facility Management Strategy Analysis

Strategies that will help you improve the performance of your site. How does it work? We’ll undertake independent assessment of your current systems and process and assist to develop and implement strategies best suited to your type operations.