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Project Management that makes a difference!

  • by Andrea Quintero

As building efficiency and project management experts, here at HFM we are constantly performing analysis and implementing various measures to transform properties into efficient, cost-effective and compliant assets for our clients.

Project management of renewable energy:

This is one of HFM’s fortes and from our own experience planning, executing and managing projects in this field, we can confidently say that investing in green energy does pay off. – Not only by leaving a good feeling for its positive environmental impact, but also for its financial benefits.

Here’s an example; we recently managed a project to reduce the electricity expenditure and improve the carbon footprint of an Australian winery & restaurant. As a result of this project, the winery is now producing wine powered by the sun!

The Challenge:

Energy can be one of the main production costs in an industrial facility such as a winery. The main challenge for this project was to reduce electricity expenditure and reduce the carbon footprint of the winery.

The Process:

Our initial step was to undertake a holistic energy audit to:
• Understand the various activities and processes specific to a winery;
• Identify opportunities for improvement;
• Develop a business case for further investment

The Solution:

We identified great opportunities for the winery to reduce their energy expenditure through a combination of passive and active measures. Those implemented are detailed below:

  • 100 kW PV Solar system was sized and installed on winery rooftop.
  • 200 kVAr power factor correction system was selected to absorb the reactive power and reduce the maximum power demand.
  •  New site main switchboard (SMSB) to operate and house new equipment.
  • Smart EDMI metering network supplied and commissioned by iUtilities allowing for high-level energy management.
  • Smart meter data is streamed to Yardstick – an online utility monitoring platform developed and operated by HFM, designed by ERM.
  • New 500kVA diesel generator sized and installed for:
    •  Peak demand management
    • Emergency backup power

The Results:

The recommendations and expenditure reduction targets identified in the initial business case were delivered successfully.

The solar system generates a significant portion of the winery’s daily energy requirement.

Emissions savings:

3,150 Tonnes CO2-e over the project life; equivalent to:

• 6,615 cars removed from the road for a month.
• 18,950 trees grown for 25 years

Total investment


Financial benefits

• $118,000 / annum
• 4-year payback period

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