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Since 2018, HFM has undertaken various projects for our client a WA-based Sailing Club, to help them manage their assets, reduce ongoing costs, and improve their efficiency.

Sailing Club


Summary of the projects undertaken by HFM for this client, so far:

  • Asset Register & Life Cycle Costing:
    HFM undertook a Life Cycle Costing and Condition inspection in 2018. This process involved a series of site visits incorporating a detailed condition assessment of the property’s plant and equipment, interior and exterior areas. As a result of this project, a list of recommendations including recommended timeframes for each of them to be implemented and an estimated cost of repairs/replacements for budgeting purposes, were provided to the client.
  • myBuildingsTM:
    As part of the Asset Register & Life Cycle Costing previously provided to this client, it was recommended to immediately implement myBuildingsTM (Cloud-based Asset Management Software), so that all existing assets could be scheduled for maintenance, service contracts could be adequately managed and any future works pertinent to the management of the asset could be recorded and scheduled for ongoing maintenance.
    Following this recommendation, the Sailing Club engaged HFM for the implementation and training of the myBuildingsTM Software. This project was successfully completed in 2018; in addition to this, the client engaged HFM for monthly myBuildingsTM support, which is still in place.
  • Capacity Charges Action Plan & DSM Alerts:
    On average, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Capacity Charges make up 30% of a site’s total electricity costs. A building’s usage during the Hot Season (between 1 December to 31 March each year) will dictate Capacity Charges for the forthcoming Capacity Year. HFM develops tailored Action Plans and issues alerts to help clients reduce their site’s Capacity Charges for the upcoming Capacity Year. In 2018 this client engaged HFM to develop a Capacity Charges Action Plan & signed up to the DSM Alerts program. This has continued each year after that.
  • Electricity & Gas Procurement:
    The Sailing Club has appointed HFM to undertake their Electricity and Gas Procurement processes in recent years. The results so far have been:
    – Electricity: 21% Cost reduction (based on historical consumption and new electricity contract arrangements)
    – Gas: 68% Cost reduction (based on historical consumption and new electricity contract arrangements)
  • Condition Report Update:
    In 2021, the Sailing Club engaged HFM to undertake a Condition Report Update; in this report, the status of each of the recommendations provided by HFM back in 2018 as part of the provided Asset Register & Life Cycle Costing, was reviewed and its status recorded/updated accordingly. This report will help the client get a better understanding of their current status and plan accordingly.
Sailing Club
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