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Property Council of Australia NSW Business Lunch

  • by HFM Asset Management
  • May 07, 2018

Sydney NSW Business Lunch PCA 2018

HFM Asset Management attended PCA’s NSW Business Lunch

On Friday the 4th of May 2018, Alex Sejournee, one of our senior consultants based in the East Coast, attended the Property Council of Australia’s NSW Business lunch.

The main topic of this event was “Powering Australia”, and it included an analysis of the energy landscape, the impact of the National Energy Guarantee and the current energy challenges facing the property industry.

One of the key questions inspiring this event was: “The National Energy Guarantee provides a national policy and direction for the energy sector in response to the Finkel review and has been welcomed by the sector, but what is the impact on the Property Industry?”

The speakers at this event were:

  • Dr Kerry Schott AO, Independent Chair, Energy Security Board
  • Audrey Zibelman, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Australian Energy Market Operator
  • Cameron Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Enwave
  • Paul Wall, Head of Group Sustainability and Energy, Dexus

According to Dr Kerry Schott AO, the three main issues of the National Energy Guarantee are reliability, zero emissions and cost-reduction in energy supply.

Furthermore, another important topic discussed during the event was that of a shift from centralised power generation to decentralised power generation where the market shifts its idea of consumers from passive receivers of electricity to active participants.

Kerry also mentioned that Australia is in a good position as we have a lot of distributed renewable energy across the country, as well as a lot of interest in renewable energy within the country. The next challenge now is getting regulation and systems to facilitate the practical use of renewables and batteries as well as appropriate demand response.

This is an exciting time to be participating in Australia’s energy market as there are so many changes rapidly occurring.

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