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NABERS Game Changers

  • by Andrea Quintero
  • Sep 21, 2018

nabers game changers event 1 - NABERS Game Changers

“NABERS Game Changers” was recently held at Central Park Perth

During CitySwitch’s Cafe Series 3 event “NABERS Game Changers”, members of the NABERS team based in Sydney and members of the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program team based in Canberra shared insights about their latest projects, which are definitely game changers for Australia in terms of sustainability practices.

Presenters included:

  • Phill Raso – CitySwitch WA Program Manager
  • Andrew Hammond – City of Perth Commissioner
  • Karinne Taylor – Manager NABERS Waste, NSW Office of Environment & Heritage
  • Dennis Lee – NABERS Head of Technical Standards, NSW Office of Environment & Heritage
  • Erica Kenna – Senior Program Officer at the Department of the Environment and Energy

WA Program Manager of CitySwitch, Phill Raso opened the event, announcing exciting news about Energy Efficiency and Sustainability initiatives in Western Australia.

Followed by City of Perth Commissioner, Andrew Hammond’s presentation about the Perth’s Strategic Community Plan 2029  including prediction of possible opportunities for Building Upgrade Finance (BUF) – a method for financing building upgrades for sustainability benefits.

The team from NABERS announced their four new products:

  1. NABERS Co-Assess
  2. NABERS Carbon Neutral = (NABERS Energy + NABERS Water + NABERS Waste + Refrigerants)
  3. NABERS Waste Manager Platform
  4. NABERS for Apartment Buildings

Department of the Environment and Energy’s Senior Program Officer, Erica Kenna gave an interesting presentation about the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program.

The takeaway message of the event was that Australia is definitely committed with The Paris Agreement and tools like NABERS Ratings and the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program  play a key role to achieve Australia’s NetZero target.

To close off, there was a technical briefing for CBD and NABERS Accredited Assessors, conducted by the CBD team where an assessor’s checklist was provided to support the process and ensure that applications are certified as quickly as possible.

Some members of HFM’s CBD and NABERS team attended both the conference and the technical briefing and found them very interesting and constructive, well done to CitySwitch, NABERS, City of Perth and CBD for putting together this great info session!

nabers game changers event 2 - NABERS Game Changers

nabers game changers event 3 - NABERS Game Changers

nabers game changers event 5 - NABERS Game Changers

nabers game changers event 4 - NABERS Game Changers

nabers game changers event 6 - NABERS Game Changers

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