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NABERS Co-Assess

  • by Andrea Quintero
  • Jun 08, 2018

NABERS Co-Assess

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) tool, has been leading the way for sustainability in Australia’s property industry for almost 20 years now.

During these two decades, the system has had a positive impact in the country, some of the key areas are:

  • The 6-star rating system facilitates the way to communicate a building’s environmental performance.
  • The annual review of a tenancy or a building’s environmental performance observed through the NABERS ratings and the continuous improvement of sustainability practices have helped some buildings reduced their energy consumption significantly.
  • A NABERS Rating certificate has become an essential decision-making element for both owners and tenants, here is how:
    • A high star rating attracts occupiers.
    • A low star rating certificate can act as a “wake up call” for building owners to review their current practices.

In 2017 NABERS announced their team was developing a new tool to allow a single application to assess buildings and office tenancies together, which during the pilot program they called NABERS Combined; HFM Asset Management participated in the pilot program, click here to read more about the pilot program.

NABERS Co-Assess will benefit both buildings and tenants, as it allows submitting one application for a combination of NABERS ratings within one building; here are the options:

  • Base building energy rating + one or several tenancy energy ratings

NABERS Co-assess option 01

  • Whole building energy rating + one or several tenancy energy ratings

NABERS Co-assess option 02

  • Base building energy rating + whole building energy rating + one or several tenancy energy ratings

NABERS Co-assess option 03

  • Two or more tenancy energy ratings within the same building

NABERS Co-assess option 04

  • NABERS Energy Rating + NABERS Water Rating

nabers co access option 05 - NABERS Co-Assess

Who can perform a NABERS Co-Asses?

A NABERS Accredited assessor. Our experienced team of NABERS accredited assessors is here to help you.

When does it start?

A NABERS Co-Assess application can be lodged from the end of July 2018.

Key benefits of NABERS Co-Assess:

  • Savings: Just one-off administration flat fee from NABERS, which doesn’t depend on the number of tenancy being rated within the building.
  • One streamlined process for multiple ratings for the same property
  • A better understanding of the energy performance of the building
  • By performing a NABERS Co-Assess, tenants of a building (especially those without ratings), will start familiarising themselves with the process. They are also more likely to watch their consumption and improve their sustainability practices; which will benefit the building and ultimately the environment.

NABERS & HFM Asset Management

HFM Asset Management is a building efficiency company based in Australia with offices in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Ballina.

HFM has an exceptional team of NABERS accredited assessors across Australia – some of our team members have been performing NABERS ratings since the launch of the tool almost two decades ago.

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What to do after obtaining the NABERS certificate?

Performing a NABERS rating and not doing anything to improve the efficiency of a building would be like winning a prize and not claiming it.

After obtaining the NABERS certificate and understanding where the building sits regarding sustainability compared to similar buildings in Australia, you should implement strategies to reduce the building’s energy and water consumption.

At HFM Asset Management, we offer a wide range of services to help buildings become more efficient. Strategies will vary from one building to another; however, specific activities can help any building improve and become more efficient – check out these tips to increase your building’s energy efficiency during winter.

We make buildings more efficient, healthier and cheaper to run. If you’d like to find out more about our services contact us Australia wide on 1300 021 420 or via email at

Andrea Quintero – Business Strategy and Marketing Coordinator

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