Meet the Leaders 2019

HFM attended the 2019 meet the leaders event

Property Council of Australia WA recently hosted their 2019 Meet the Leaders event at Bankwest Place.

This great event offered attendees the opportunity to interact face-to-face with 10 of WA’s Property Leaders, including HFM’s General Manager, Technical Services.

Key components were:

  • 10 Questions
  • 10 Leaders
  • 10 Round tables

Not your typical panel session event

The evening started with an inspiring speech from keynote speaker Prue Cunningham (Development Manager – Stockland), who shared insights about her professional and personal journey into becoming who she is today.

Then it was time to hear the leaders address the questions that members of WA’s Future Directions Committee prepared for them, such as: “What advice would you give yourself as a young professional in the property industry?” & “What is the biggest risk you have had to take in your career and did it pay off?”

One by one, the 10 questions were projected on the screens, and each of the leaders addressed one question at each table, allowing a direct interaction among leaders and attendees throughout the event.

Networking was a key component of the night and it was easy to observe attendees and leaders having meaningful conversations not only during the roundtable sessions but also over canapés and drinks during the breaks.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the planning of this event, especially to:

  • The ten leaders for giving some of their time to share some of their lessons learnt with attendees.
  • PCA’s Future Directions Committee members for planning and promoting this event.
  • Property Council of Australia WA for making this event happen.

HFM's Involvement

  • David Chokolich – General Manager, Technical Services was selected as one of the 10 industry leaders.
  • Andrea Quintero – Business Strategy & Marketing Coordinator is a member of Property Council of Australia WA’s Future Directions Committee and was involved in the planning stage of the event.
HFM attended the 2019 meet the leaders event
HFM attended the 2019 meet the leaders event
What a great event! – Three hours didn’t seem long enough to hear all the interesting stories and advices that the leaders were happy to share with us, one of them even asked everyone on my table, what we would do in certain situation and then offered their approach based on their experience. The event exceeded my expectations and it’s definitely one of the best professional-development events that I have attended this year. –  Andrea Quintero.
I was honoured to have been selected as one-of-ten 2019 Property Industry leaders and enjoyed interacting with attendees, as well as other leaders. The questions displayed on the screens, as well as those asked by attendees on each table lead to meaningful conversations where we discussed key topics of leadership and professional development – David Chokolich
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