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Lifting of Exemptions for Electricity & Water Meters.

It’s official! The National Measurements Institute (NMI) lifted the current exemptions for Electricity meters on 1st January

Lifting Exemptions for Electricity and Water Meters

What does this mean?

Effective January 1 2013; where utility meters or sub-meters are installed or replaced and are to be used “FOR TRADE”, you are required to install NMI (National Measurement Institute) pattern approved meters.

Prior to 1 January 2013, regulation 87 of the National Measurement Regulations 1999 (Cth) exempted certain classes of utility meters, including all electricity meters, from the operation of the Act. Post 1 January 2013, this exemption has been lifted.

It is an offence to install or supply measuring instruments for trade if they are not of an approved pattern (the National Measurements  Act 1960) For Example: utilising the instrument to calculate monetary transactions or calculate taxes (i.e. GST).

If you own or manage  property you need  to be across the new requirements. A member briefing was presented to members of the PCA WA by HFM Asset Management Pty Ltd on Tuesday the 10th of April.

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