Industrial Energy & Water Efficiency

Industrial Sector

HFM provides engineering services and solutions to reduce the energy and water consumption, energy brokerage costs, environmental impact, and risks associated with the built environment.


Improve the efficiency of your warehouse, factory or industrial processes while saving money.

We offer tailored solutions for industrial facilities such as:

Chemical and petrochemical plant energy and water efficiency
Chemical & Petrochemical plants
Oil gas and coal processing refinery efficiency
Gas / Oil / Coal (Processing refineries)
Metallic mineral processing plant energy and water efficiency
Metallic Minerals Processing Plants
Non metallic mineral processing plant energy and water efficiency
Non-Metallic Minerals Processing Plants
Food and beverages, agriculture packing, silos energy and water and food industry energy and water efficiency
Food, Beverage, Packing & Agriculture Industries
Manufacturer, Metal worker, electronics and workshops building efficiency for energy and water consumption
Manufacturer, Metal Workers, Electronics & Workshops;
renewable energy and clean energy technologies asset and buildings efficiency
Renewable Energy & Clean Energy Technologies.
power plants and desalinisation centres energy and water consumption efficiency and sustainability
Power Plants, Utility & Desalination Centres

At HFM we focus on:

Input-output flows (gas, liquid and solid phases) analysis
Process sustainability analysis
Process simulation
Modelling and optimisation of commercial scale and energy intensive plants
Overall performance improvement
Energy efficiency
Energy-water audit
Energy-mass balance

We quantify the vital information needed for your energy roadmap and strategy, so your team can focus on the implementation and benefits derived from the extensive review and costings.

Our experienced team has the skills and knowledge to perform different standard levels of audits and establish the energy management system. There is access to updated references and applicable standards such as A/NZS 3598: 2000, ASME PTCs, etc.

Key Benefits

Reduce utilities’ expenditure
Site’s improvement requirements, design and project management
Technical due diligence
Tenancy Fit out design changes
End of Life equipment replacement planning
Electrical Upgrade
End use change
Energy & Water Supply requirements
Capacity upgrades
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