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HFM’s Representatives Enjoyed Barefoot Bowls 

  • by HFM Asset Management
  • Mar 23, 2018

On Tuesday the 20th March, HFM (ably represented by Lia Steeger, Laura Prada, Peter Rice and Darren Wills) attended the FMA Barefoot Bowls event held at the South Perth Bowling Club.

After some introductions and drinks from the bar, David Hagen (aka Papa Smurf) from the South Perth Bowling Club gave the players a rundown of the rules for the game. He then set the attendees loose onto the pristine artificial turf of the bowling greens without footwear. In the first round, HFM pitted their abilities against Mike, Hayley, Chelsea and Stuart from AustCorp Recruitment. After a well-fought battle filled with ‘hoots’ of excitement when things went well, and groans of frustration when things did not, HFM eventually took out second place after three ends. While they waited for the remaining teams to finish the round, HFM nibbled on Asian fusion Hors-d’oeuvres and rehydrated with additional drinks from the bar.

Round two and HFM was definitely the underdog, as Bruce from the Curtin/All Saints College team set them straight on how the game should really be played. After a strong start, HFM decided to throw consistency out the window in the hopes that would unnerve Bruce and his well-placed shots. In hindsight, this tactic was not the most successful modus operandi. Many of the well-weighted balls that were slung thankfully missed the unprotected ankles of our opponents, and instead headed straight towards the ditch.

Despite a valiant effort from the team that would have made the cast of Crackerjack proud, HFM took out the silver medal. Finally, it was time to enjoy the bar and discuss the day’s heroic achievements with HFM’s fellow gladiators. That concluded another successful Facilities Management Association of Australia (FMA) event, with special thanks to the South Perth Bowling Club.

For more information about South Perth Bowling Club click here. For further details about Facilities Management Association of Australia (FMA) click here.

Darren Wills – Energy Consultant

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