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FMA Residential Strata Melbourne

  • by HFM Asset Management
  • Jul 20, 2018
FMA Residential Strata Melbourne

In this photo from left to right: Nicholas Burt (FMA – Chief Executive), Alex Sejournee (HFM – Senior Consultant) and Jodie Jodie Pryor (FMA – Events Project Coordinator)


HFM was proud to be the National Supporting Partner for the recent Residential Strata Information & Network Sessions. The most recent was held by the Facility Management Association of Australia on the 18th of July at the Telstra CIC in Melbourne.

The title of the sessions was “What’s Government Doing for Residential FM”, with the focus of the session covering NABERS for Apartments and the importance of rating systems in residential strata.

This was one of several national events that came under the FMA Residential Strata Facilities Management Division. Details of both events can be found here.

The event saw a good turnout with representation across a number of industry groups related to Residential Facility Management and Sustainability.

The key speakers for the event where Supratik Ghosh from NABERS and Jay Gualtieri. Both did a great job in explaining the market changing new NABERS for Apartments rating tool.

Supratik painted a clear picture of the influence apartment buildings have on Australia with them contributing to 10% of our total emissions and 18% of our total potable water usage.

He demonstrated that there are clear opportunities with the new rating tool such as:

  • Bridging a gap in information
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Identify cost savings
  • Provide market recognition
  • Demonstrate market best practice

Supratik believes the new NABERS for Apartments tool will achieve market penetration a lot faster than it took the office to achieve its current level of 80% adoption.

Guest speaker, Jay Gualtieri shared some insights about the experience in being the first company to provide over 30 apartment ratings as part of the recent City of Melbourne tender.

He mentioned that tools like this allow facility managers and strata managers to benchmark their own performance and leverage this as a point of difference within a market where this can be difficult.

On asking Jay what his key lessons learnt were from the pilot program he mentioned:

  • This tool will create a positive shift in the development of the Residential Facility Management industry similar to what happened in the Commercial Building industry 10 years ago
  • Metering systems – it’s important to understand embedded vs. non-embedded networks and the associated challenges
  • Collection of information and documentation may take longer than expected, especially when doing the first rating for a building
  • There is a clear opportunity for companies like HFM Asset Management to pass on their knowledge from working in the space for over 10 years

HFM would like to congratulate the FMA, the key speakers and the other event’s sponsors for this successful session, which painted a very positive future of the role the new NABERS for Apartments rating tool will have in changing the residential apartment market for the better.

HFM Asset Management is looking forward to supporting strata managers and owners corporations across Australia to firstly get a better understanding of this new tool and secondly on how to use it to make positive changes to Australia’s apartment complexes.

Alex Sejournee – Senior Consultant

FMA Residential Strata Melbourne

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