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Commercial Energy Procurement

We will help you find the best energy cost contract structure for your business. We will ensure you are provided with extensive advice on the right contract structure, with a suitable energy retailer, with no hidden costs involved.

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HFM’s Energy Procurement

We can help you save your business thousands of dollars per year in electricity!

No matter what size your business is, HFM Asset Management will help you find the best possible electricity rates in your location. HFM Asset Management compares energy load profile, future consumption estimates and seeks rates from suitable energy retailers to determine the best arrangements for your building. With 14 years of energy contracting experience, we understand the energy market opportunities and risks.

Our Process

Review your Energy

HFM understand buildings prior to pricing. We examine your energy use to ensure we achieve the best outcome.

Consult with the Property

By understanding the future requirements of the site, we ensure that all risks are considered and a suitable outcome is achieved.

We Run the Numbers for you

Our experience allows us to accurately compare retailers on a like for like basis whilst interpreting any potential contract risks and penalties

We Guide you through

From analysis to pricing, evaluation and contract signing, we assist you through the process every step of the way.

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Who are we?

HFM Asset Management is an Australian building efficiency company located in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Ballina. Our mission to transform properties into efficient, cost-effective and compliant assets for our clients. We protect assets and their owners from a range of performance related issues. Within any property, problems can occur when many parties including designers, builders, engineers and operators who all have their own input are involved. Our team provides a unique range of skills including utilities performance management, engineering, facilities management, procurement and data analysis.


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