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Why Choose HFM?

Our certified assessors have a broad skill set to ensure we can successfully reduce your asset’s costs, energy usage, water usage and emissions.

WHY CHOOSE HFM’s Certified Assessors?

HFM or HFM team members hold accreditations in the following associations or categories:

HFM vs traditional engineering companies

Our experience comes from years of work in your buildings. Our team is a mix of traditional engineering, facility management, hotel engineers, contractors, business management and industry professionals. HFM are a team of problem solvers, and we come with no predetermined way of doing things, we evolve and expand our knowledge. We do what we do, and we do it well.

HFM knows the property industry inside and out. We know St Georges Terrace, George Street, Collins Street and Eagle Street.



HFM vs in-house teams

We have no bias, vested interest or agenda and we don’t pull punches. We review the facts and figures, and give an honest assessment of the condition and performance of your asset. Our focus is the improvement of the asset and to meet our client’s needs.

We want to work alongside the management team, the mechanical and electrical contractors, and act on behalf of the owner to improve the asset performance. At the end of the day, HFM aims to protect the asset and its owner from the variety of performance and cost issues that face a building in the current market.


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