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Asset Management

Asset control, registers, lifecycle process, document storage


Scheduled and reactive maintenance logging, completion and review


Client satisfaction statistics, downtime management, cost recovery


The most efficient and automated asset management software


myBuildings is a web-based efficiency solution that works for your business. Streamlining the management of operational and maintenance requests leads to increased client satisfaction and operational efficiency

HFM Asset Management Pty Ltd in conjunction with Core Vision Pty Ltd offers a simple to use hosted web based client request system to facilitate communication between residents, tenants, contractors, maintenance personnel and site managers or building owners.

The myBuildings asset management software is designed to provide automated communication to help asset owners to reduce risk, provide better service levels to Tenants and to provide useful information for future contract negotiations.

myBuildings enables efficient and automated communication between Tenants, Site Managers and Contractors. Via a dynamic website, myBuildings can amongst other functionality provide contractor inductions and up-to-the-minute portfolio reporting for management and building owners.


Payment of Licence fees for myBuildings entitles the Licensee to the following support and hosting services.

  • Registration of website and domain
  • Administration of the domain
  • Hosting of the website
  • System enhancements from time to time
  • Database management and optimisation
  • Backup and recovery procedures
  • Up to 3 hours per month of Telephone support (via Core Vision) for
    • General advice and guidance
    • Ad-hoc enquiries and assistance.

myBuildings is an asset management software

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