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Asset Management Services

Building efficiency requires continual assessment and strategies for improvement.

HFM Asset Management Services Roadmap Process: Improve, Review, Verify, Comply, Procure and Perform
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There is no way of knowing where to go if you don’t know where you are.

The first step towards reaching the full potential of any asset is gaining a detailed understanding of the current status and condition of that asset. Pick a starting point, establish the baseline and then find the opportunities. Our asset management services that make up the review phase are:

  • Desktop audit – entry level audit to identify savings
  • Energy audit – level 1, 2 or 3 energy audit
  • Water audit & action plan
  • Renewable energy feasibility study
  • Thermal / heat load investigations
  • Electricity capacity review
  • Power quality analysis
  • Asset registers
  • Lifecycle costing analysis
  • Mechanical condition audit
  • Building condition audit
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Are you sure the data is accurate?

The verification phase is about ensuring data collection and provision is accurate for measurement, reporting and compliance purposes.

  • Meter network review
  • Single line diagram development
  • Meter validation
  • Meter labelling
  • Sub-circuit review
  • Design quotation application (DQA)
  • Meter upgrade project management
  • Automated meter systems (AMR) project management.
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Understand your performance, and receive industry recognised acknowledgement of your performance.

Commercial assets have a variety of compliance requirements to maintain each year. HFM assists with ensuring that those relating to energy & water consumption, building quality and fit out are maintained.

  • NABERS energy rating (office, hotel, retail, data centres)
  • NABERS water rating
  • Tenant lighting assessment
  • Building energy efficiency certificate (BEEC)
  • Water efficiency management plans (WEMP)
  • PCA building quality assessment
  • Tenant fit out guidelines
  • Australian standards compliance review
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Why pay more than you should

HFM will, on your behalf, create specification documents, facilitate the tender process, review and ensure best price and conditions for the provision of energy, water contracted services for your building.

  • Electricity procurement
  • Gas procurement
  • Water procurement
  • Bill verification
  • On-sell arrangements
  • Budget forecasting
  • Building services tendering.
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If we do not change our direction, we’re likely to end up where we are headed.

HFM has a team of engineering consultants who provide on-going energy and water monitoring to ensure your property is performing as designed and as intended. This service includes:

  • Energy management plans (EMP)
  • EMP updates and strategic meetings
  • Yardstick – building performance monitoring and reporting
  • Project management
  • myBuildings (online work request tool)
  • Facility management / facility support
  • Funding applications.

Our team will provide a program of on-site building inspections, strategic plans, team and contractor meetings, monthly energy & water monitoring reports, on-line performance management (Yardstick), quarterly portfolio reports and other performance updates as required.

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Retrofit to compete

Combining many of the products and services identified above, the building upgrade strategy is about taking your existing asset and bringing it up to current or above market standards. HFM will create a strategic plan uniting the objectives of the owners, the available funding and the best outcome for the asset.

  • Power requirements
  • Thermal load analysis
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Renewable energy design & integration
  • Lighting design
  • Detailed design, documentation, costings & drawings
  • Tender documentation and contract management
  • Project management or project superintendent roles
  • Commissioning, hand over and warranty management

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